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Terms of use

Created on 2 February, 2023About A to Z • 10,708 views • 2 minutes read

The terms and conditions for an online web tool play a critical role in defining the rights and obligations of the customer and the provider. Understanding these terms is essential for a seamless and satisfactory user experience. This article will cover the following key components of terms and conditions for online web tools:

General and Application:

This section outlines the scope and purpose of the terms and conditions and the service being provided. It will specify which customers are eligible to use the service and which laws and regulations apply.

Service description and prices:

This section will describe the online web tool's services and the associated fees. It will also outline any promotions or discounts that are currently available.

Customer identification:

This section will specify the information the customer must provide to the online web tool to access its services, such as a valid email address and payment information.

Terms and termination:

This section will outline the terms of the agreement between the customer and the online web tool and specify how the agreement can be terminated by either party.

Right of withdrawal for EU-Consumers:

This section will outline the right of withdrawal for customers located in the European Union, which allows them to cancel the agreement within a specified period.

Consequences of the revocation:

This section will outline the consequences of the revocation, such as the customer's obligation to return the service or any related charges.

Particular information:

This section will provide any additional information or special terms related to the service, such as restrictions on the use of certain file formats.

General duties of the Customer:

This section will outline the customer's responsibilities and obligations, such as ensuring that the content being converted does not infringe on any intellectual property rights.

Blocking of access:

This section will specify the circumstances under which the online web tool may block the customer's access to the service, such as if the customer violates the terms and


Infringing content policy:

This section will specify the online web tool's policy on infringing content, such as copyright-protected material.


This section will specify any exemptions or limitations of liability for the online web tool, such as for damages resulting from the use of the service.

Rights of the Provider:

This section will outline the rights of the online web tool, such as the right to modify or discontinue the service.

Change of the general business regulations:

This section will specify how changes to the terms and conditions will be communicated to the customer.

Applicable law and jurisdiction:

This section will specify which jurisdiction's laws will govern the use of the online web tool and any disputes arising from the use of the service.

Final Clause:

This section will specify the agreement's final provisions and any additional terms and conditions that apply.

It is important for users to carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of an online web tool before using the service, as they may affect the user's rights and obligations.